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.....--- Givi TRK52BA Trekker Top Case ---
As mentioned on the pager before this the bike came with the two Givi side cases. We wanted to also increase the storage for trips with a top case so started looking for one of those. After much study we settled on the Givi Trekker Top Case as it got good reviews and matched the side cases. It wasn't cheap though and it along with a back rest and a mounting kit came to $522.00. A lot, but using it for a couple trips has proved its worth.
Above are the instructions for installing the mounting kit on the back rack of the 650 V-Strom. I mounted it like above but we didn't like the fit with both of us aboard the bike. We had also ordered the ...
.....backrest pad that mounts to the front-top of the case. With Dottie on the bike the top case/pad were too for forward and in her back when she was seated. We decided that if we could move the top case back some it would be a better fit.
Above you can see the mounting brackets that come in the mounting kit (Givi E528) and where they mount to the stock rear rack. I wanted to leave them where they were as it wasn't possible to move them rearward much more.
Two pieces of 3/16 X 1 1/2 inch aluminum strap were cut and drilled with a longer slot on one end. The forward hole mounts to the forward bracket and the slotted section will mount to the rear bracket and also the next mounting piece will mount there also. The next piece will also mount at the other two holes shown above, 'Two Mounting Holes', as ....
... shown above.
The piece above is what will hold the case to the bike and it was mounted to the aluminum strap and also the rear bracket with stainless steel 1/4" bolts, washers and nylock nuts. The washers come as part of the mounting kit. You can see that this has moved the case mount back a couple inches as the black piece above would of been bolted further forward onto that forward bracket running side to side on the bike.
The easiest way to get the nylock nuts on the bolts is to hold them in place with needle-nose pliers. I always put anti-seize on all SS hardware.
Included in the mounting kit is a cover piece and ...
.... it is held in place with 4 small screws. The top case mounts by sliding it into the 2 forward tabs and down onto the back tab. Very easy to do and to remove it you put the key in the case, like the side cases, push a button on the case and lift it off. It goes on/off very easily and is very secure on the bike.
Above we see the bike waiting for the top case.
The back pad (Givi E 133S) wasn't cheap, but again, it has been a good addition. Dottie really likes it and feels more secure on the bike during hard acceleration with the case/backrest behind her. Without the pad the forward mounting position might of been OK, but we didn't try it out in that configuration. The red cable just in front of the case is used to lock our helmets to the bike. The case is advertised at being capable of holding two helmets but ...
.... our two AFT FX-41 DS helmets don't fit into the case. Not a big deal for us as we need the case for other storage, mostly riding gear.
I also welded up an aluminum top rack for the top of the case. You can buy one but I made the one above. More about it on the next page.
The bike has a lot of storage now and ......
.... the cases look good and ....
... they are all very functional. They worked well on our first two trips and they should give us good service while we own the bike.
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