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..............--- Givi Monokey Trekker Side Cases ---
We were looking for a V-Strom for the purpose of taking trips from our home in Utah to other western states along with in-state trips. We were going to need bags/cases to do this and in looking at bikes and cases for them I soon found out that Givi cases are often recommended by various riders.
Besides the bike coming with the Givi windscreen it also had Givi Monokey Trekker side cases. Another plus for us and one more thing that made purchasing this bike a good deal for us. I'd looked on Craig's list and other sites for bikes from Denver, CO west to California and actually looked at a nice bike while in California just before I found this one in Flagstaff, AZ not but about 2 blocks from Dottie's son's house.
On the way home we stopped and looked at it and were very impressed by the shape it was in and the obvious care that it had been given by its prior owner. We bought it on the spot and I drove it the 255 miles home from Flagstaff to our house in Blanding, Ut.
The side cases are of good size yet Dottie clears them while seated on the back of the bike.
They go on and off super easy. Put the key in and push a button and lift them off the side brackets. They go on just as easy. The backs of the cases have two slots at the bottom backside. The slots slide down over the two pins, bottom arrows above, and then you just push the case back against the bracket and then snap into the tab at the top.
The case brackets/mounts are very strudy and the cases are very secure while on the bike and easy to remove and take into the motel at the end of the day.
Nice looking cases.
The only negative I have about them is that the black trim fades and this bike has never been stored outside by either the previous owner or us. I'm sure I can find something to probably make the trim look better/blacker.
One really nice feature of the cases is that you can have them open like above where the whole lid opens or you can configure them in such a way that only a portion of the lid opens and the rest of the lid stays in place. I'll go through that via the next few pictures.
The lid hinges near the top and there are latches on each side that either attach the top of the lid to the lower section of the lid or let the top portion hinge open.
The latches are two way acting. Above the top of the lid is latched to the bottom by the latch.
Here the latch has been opened and the lid can hinge open from the bottom portion of the lid.
In this mode the latch then secures the bottom of the lid to the rest of the case as shown above.
This is handy as now while riding you can open just the top of the case and reach in for say gloves, food, a map or something else without opening the whole lid.
We keep one of the cases configured like above while riding and put things we might need to get to at the top of it. At the motel the whole lid is opened by releasing the two inside latches. The other case we usually keep in the configuration where the whole lid opens as a unit, but either could be configured either way. Very versatile cases and after a couple trips we are very happy with them.
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