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...--- Remote Throttle Position Sensor Mount (TPS) ---

......................................--- Part II ---


On this page you will see two additional ways of mounting the 90's Dodge pickup TPS. Again remote mounts that connect to the carb linkage via a cable. One I call the 'Short Mount' and the other the 'Tall Mount'. Pick whichever fits your application best.

A SS bolt is cut off at the threads and two grooves 180 degrees. apart are cut into the sides of the bolt with a cut-off wheel. These grab the ridges on the inside of the TPS shown above.

Above you can see how the one bolt slides into the TPS. A second SS bolt will be welded to it and an arm will later be attached to it with nuts.

Two plates are cut that will capture the 2 bolt shaft on both sides of the weld. .....

... as shown above in the mockup.

One of the plates has to have two holes on either side of the shaft, which will be used to mount the TPS to the side of the plate. You can drill those holes in the other plate and just not use them. That speeds things up as you can then drill both plates at the same time. The bottom two vertical holes are used to.....

... mount the plates on either side of the post/bracket assembly shown above. The post is a piece of 3/4 inch thin wall square tubing with the base made from 1/8 inch strap. You can also see that at this point the two bolts have been welded together.

Above we see the plates bolted to the post with the shaft going through them. Use SS washers to move the shaft one way or the other and to keep it from moving horizontally.

A view from the TPS side and...

... another from the side where the arm will mount that the cable will attach to.

I made this arm longer than needed. Once you have the whole think connected to the carb and you know which mounting hole in the arm you need to use for the travel cut the arm off above there.

Withe the TPS mounted. Later you will see that I ground the screw heads down to a smaller diameter so that they fit better. Put the screw in a drill and run the drill while you grind the head sides down on your bench grinder.

The arm is held on with a jam nut on each side. You can position it at any angle and the nuts will hold it there. It doesn't take much pull to operate the TPS especially with the leverage the arm has on it. Make sure you are not trying to operate it past the TPS's internal stops. If you are hitting those stops with either 'no throttle' or WOT then attach to the arm further up the arm. It is easy to overpower the TPS's internal stops.

This ends construction on what I call the 'Tall Mount'. See the previous page for details on connecting the cable to the carb and also on wiring the TPS.

Next up the 'Short Mount'. This mount is more compact.

This mount is pretty much the same but the side plates are much smaller and the mounting holes are horizontal on the plate, arrows, and below the TPS mount. Notice here I'm drilling both plates at the same time and just won't use the TPS mount holes on one side.

The two plates mount to another piece of 3/4 inch thin wall square tubing. The shaft is made up of two bolts again as above.

The square tubing is welded to a piece of 1/8 X 3/4 strap. Try not to do what I did above. I welded it on with the holes up so had to drill new holes in the side or throw it away. You can see which route I took ;-(

Above is the finished product except for painting the steel part. This is much more compact and is handy if the mount works for you. The arm is 5 inches long and you will probably trim that down to 3 or so when finished.

The TPS side.

The arrow points to the washers that are used to position the shaft where it works best. You can also see how the arm is held on with two nuts.

Drill a hole in a 1/4 inch bolt and attach it to the arm and put a stop on the 1/16 inch cable.

Above you can see that the heads have been ground to a smaller diameter on the two SS screws that hold the TPS to the side plate. Also some larger SS nuts act as spacers to facilitate mounting the TPS to the side plate.

The two mounts side by side.



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